About Me


 I am a full-time librarian and a former 17 year part-time bookseller at Barnes & Noble. My responsibilities at the library include, among other things, Collection Development/Maintenance, and Readers’ Advisory Services to our patrons. I also facilitate two book clubs, mystery and historical fiction, at the library and make decisions about what we will be reading and order the books for them.

Nothing makes me happier than talking with people about books and getting the right book into the patron/customer’s hand. One of my strengths is recommending Historical Fiction.and Mystery/Thrillers but I also enjoy reading non-fiction and other genres. I love everything related to the reading/writing process..

Listening to audio books is one of my favorite things, too. I have been listening to audiobooks for over 25 years and I do a lot of my reading this way. Recommending and talking about books is what I love most!