Finding Audrey

                                       by Sophie Kinsella

Audrey is a fourteen year old  British teen who has suffered a traumatic experience that has left her with a severe social anxiety disorder. She dropped out of school, wears dark glasses and doesn’t want to leave the house. Her family is supportive and working with her counselor, Dr. Sarah, and  she is beginning to recover.  As part of her therapy, Dr. Sarah asks her to start filming a video of the things around her and Audrey begins filming her daily family life.
 She is a keen observer of what is going on around her and there are laugh out loud moments. Her mother is convinced that her brother Frank is a computer game addict all the while the mother is addicted to reading the Daily Mail newspaper believing everything she reads. This book deals with a serious situation in a sensitive way and we can feel for Audrey and the effect her illness has had on the entire family. There are touching moments, funny moments, a new romance and family drama and the reader is pulling for Audrey to fully recover.
This teen book is written by the author of the very popular Shopaholic series. I haven\’t read that series but I loved this book so I might have to check them out.

Teen/ Young Adult Fiction
 Recommended for 7th grade and up

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