The Woman in Cabin 10

  The Woman in Cabin 10

by Ruth Ware      

Travel writer,  Lo Blacklock,  has been given a dream assignment. She will get to spend one week on the maiden voyage of a luxury ship that is headed for the North Sea. There are only ten cabins on this ship and some important people will be on it, including the very wealthy owner and his wife. Lo is hoping that she will be able to meet new, influential people and further her career as a journalist. Unfortunately, the trip doesn’t start out too well.  The night before her trip, an intruder breaks into her apartment and burglarizes it, injuring Lo in the process. She has a fight with her boyfriend and she boards the ship being sleep deprived, exhausted and upset. To make matters worse, the WiFi on the ship isn’t working, so she can’t call or get messages on her phone, and her old flame, Ben, is also on the boat.  As Lo is dressing for dinner, she realizes that she has forgotten to pack her mascara so she asks the young woman in the room next to her, Cabin 10, if she can borrow her mascara. The unfriendly woman tells her to keep the mascara and closes the door on her.  At dinner that night, she meets the other passengers and everyone is drinking but the woman from Cabin 10 isn’t at the dinner. The sleep deprived Lo becomes very drunk. In the middle of the  night she wakes up to a scream and a splash.  When she runs out onto her balcony, she sees blood on the partition that separates her cabin from Cabin 10.

Panicking, Lo calls the security officer on the ship but he doesn’t seem to believe her. He says that the person who was supposed to be in Cabin 10  cancelled and that cabin is empty.  When she shows him the bloody partition, the blood is gone. She has been drinking he says, so perhaps she has imagined the incident? Lo won\’t let it drop and begins to question and suspect everyone on the ship even though every crew member agrees that there was no one in Cabin 10.

This book is being compared to some of Agatha Christie\’s books. Like some of her books, this story also has a small group trapped together in a confined area with a murderer. Or was there a murder?  Lo has some issues, so did she imagine that someone was thrown overboard? There are twists and turns in this book and I didn\’t figure out the ending.  I enjoyed the first book by this author, In A Dark, Dark,Wood and enjoyed this one, too.  If you enjoy a suspenseful, atmospheric story, with an unreliable narrator, you will like The Woman in Cabin 10.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for review.

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