Death Comes to Marlow (Marlow Murder Club Book 2)

by Robert Thorogood

After solving the mystery in the first book, The Marlow Murder Club, things had quieted down for Judith, Suzie and Becks. That is until Judith receives a call from Sir Peter Bailey inviting her to his pre-wedding celebration on his posh estate. Judith asks Suzie to accompany her and then they meet-up with Becks who is there with her husband, the vicar. When Sir Peter’s son, Tristram, appears he has a nasty argument with his father because Sir Peter didn’r want him there. Tristram is opposed to the marriage and thinks that his father’s fiancée, Jenny, is only interested in his money. Sir Richard leaves and enters the house to calm down.

Soon they hear a loud crash coming form his study. They race to the door but it is locked from the inside. Tristram manages to break down the door and they see Sir Peter lying on the floor with a large cabinet on top of him. Apparently the cabinet fell over by itself and crushed him. Or did it? The room is locked and the only key is in Sir Peter’s pocket, The police are called and think that it was a horrible accident but Judith, Suzie and Becks think he was murdered and set-out to prove it.

This locked room mystery with quirky characters, clever twists and turns is another enjoyable addition to this fun series. Thanks to Poisoned Pen Press and NetGally for the advanced reading copy in exchange for my honest review.

Death Comes to Marlow will be published on May 30th. You can pre-order or buy it from my Amazon associates link.

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