June: A Novel

                                                                     by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

I love the old classic Hollywood  movies so when I read a description of June, I knew that I would like it. And I did!  The story begins with Cassie Danvers moving to St Jude, Ohio to the crumbling mansion that her grandmother, June, has left her. June raised Cassie after the death of her parents.. Cassie has left her life in New York to move into this once spectacular  house that is now falling down around her. She has been having vivid dreams about June and she almost feels like the house is alive. Although she was left some money by her grandmother, she is wondering how she will be able to repair the roof and  fix all of the things that are broken to bring the house back to its former glory. After a drunken night of dreams, she hears a knock at the door and a young man named Nick is there to tell her that he works for Tate Montgomery. He says that Jack Montgomery, the legendary, handsome, movie star, has died and left his entire fortune of  37 million dollars to her.  Nick also tells her that Jack’s famous  movie star daughter, Tate Montgomery, is challenging this and wants Cassie to submit to DNA tests. Cassie is confused. She doesn’t know Jack Montgomery and her grandmother never mentioned him. Soon Tate Montgomery shows up with her entourage and the story gets very interesting.

The book alternates between 2015 and 1955 when a film crew comes to St. Jude, Ohio to film scenes for their movie. The  town becomes involved with the movie by working as extras and we learn about June, her younger neighbor, Lyndie, who maybe loves June too much, Jack Montgomery and his glamorous co-star Diane who wants Jack for herself  and will do anything to get and keep him. A lot is going on in the little rural town of St. Jude and readers will be swept up in the action. Cassie searches for answers beginning to think that she really didn’t know her grandmother at all.  Was her grandmother involved with a movie star? Was Cassie’s dad actually Jack Montgomery’s son?

I liked the character of Cassie. She is struggling with her life after losing her grandmother and she feels that she let her grandmother down. She also begins to bond with Tate and Tate’s  sister and their entourage. Even though she doesn’t  know if she is actually related to them, she begins to feel like she has a family and is no longer an orphan. When the results of the DNA tests do come in there are lots of surprises in store for everyone. Murder, deception, family drama and Hollywood glamour combine to make a great story.

I was fortunate to be given an ARC from NetGalley  and Crown Publishing for an honest review.  I loved this book but don’t want to write too much and add spoilers.  It will be published in May, so get it as soon as it is available. You won’t be sorry!

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